pure essence and intense perfumes this is the world divinessenze

Perfumes selected with great care and a simple but important packaging that goes well with a refined, elegant and design environment, we do not love the superfluous but we do not like to go unnoticed. We are convinced that your home must have the same strong, decisive, pleasant personality, open the door and recognize yourself in that perfume that makes you feel good, this is what Divinessenze has set out to do, accompany you by the hand to discover a world of fragrances.

Simple and refined

A collection of scents that strike and remain well impressed in the mind, a walk in a rose garden or in a citrus grove, memory of a holiday among the flavors of the South. Many are our fragrances, all with a story to tell and with a memory of a precise moment in life that has stopped in memory and where our perfume will bring you back.

pure and intense essences

Divinessenze produces a selection of room diffusers with sticks in very fine bamboo, catalytic lamps, sprays and even car fragrances, all with timeless notes to give unusual atmospheres and great hospitality and refinement.